How About a “Soap Alarm” to Encourage Hand Washing?

If there is anything moms keep repeating to their children about throughout the day, it is hand washing. If you have a 7 year old kiddo like I do, chances are, he experiments here and there and gets his hands dirty for the most part of the day. This is why I find Safeguard’s Soap Alarm really awesome.  It actually made me curious if the person who conceptualized this was a mom. We also get tired of repeating ourselves, you know. 🙂

So you have not heard of the Soap Alarm yet? This innovation was created by Safeguard, in support of the Global Handwashing Day celebrated last October. It is essentially a soap dispenser created to alert people on the importance of hand washing after using public toilets. The one thing that a lot of people often take for granted.

Did you know that there is an estimated 3.2 million germs per square inch? Double Yikes! Imagine all those bacteria we actually risk ourselves with when we forget to wash our hands after using the public toilet! Two of the handful of diseases you can pick up with this habit are diarrhea and hepatitis. I have kind of gone obsessive about this especially after our son contracted some kind of bug that got him hospitalized for dehydration in February of this year.

Those who got first dibs on Safeguard’s Soap Alarm were the customers of McDonald’s in SM Marikina and there were more than 9,000 customers who were alarmed through its duration.

This is How the Soap Alarm works:
1. A person enters the toilet, locks the door, and does his business.
2. As he unlocks the door to step out, he triggers the Soap Alarm.
3. To stop the alarm, he dispenses Safeguard Anti-bacterial Hand Soap to his hands.
4. Above the soap alarm is a warning and hand washing instruction guide that he can follow.
The Soap Alarm caught the attention of moms, dads, kids, students and barkadas – prompting them to wash their hands immediately with Safeguard not only to stop the alarm but, more importantly, to stop the spread of germs.

Hopefully, people will appreciate this effort of promoting cleanliness which translates to prevention of diseases that we are otherwise unnecessarily bugged with. Good job, Safeguard! Here’s hoping this “Soap Alarm” will be made available to every public toilets nationwide. That will surely give us moms one less problem to deal with. 🙂

How About a “Soap Alarm” to Encourage Hand Washing?

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