SBC Makati’s New Home

The first worship service of SBC-Makati was in May 25, 2003. Nine years since we started, our church are still meeting regularly on the top most floor of Kalayaan Talipapa Building in Guadalupe Nuevo in Makati City. There are a handful of reasons for our plan to move to a new location. The last few years, we have been contemplating on transferring.  We searched and prayed about it and found that this is the right time.

This coming Sunday, June 24, 2012, will be our last service in our current location. The following Sunday, July 1, 2012, SBC-Makati’s worship service will be held in the Function Hall of L & B Suites located in 8459 Kalayaan Avenue, cor. Don Pedro Street, Makati City.

Map of L&B Suites

It was hard not to feel sentimental about leaving this place that we used to call home. But the Lord has called SBC-Makati to minister in another location and so we will go. Some of the ministry leaders have expressed their sadness and we feel it too. But our confidence remains in the fact that God will lead us where we should go and we will be at His disposal.

Since our contract with L&B Suites will only allow us to use their function hall once a week, we will figure out how to go about the weekly praise team practice, meetings and place where we will have our monthly prayer meetings. Maybe someday, SBC-Makati will be able to have its own place of worship. It may be through a miraculous provision. If it is God’s will for us to have a place of our own, then it will happen. Otherwise, we will have to make do with what is set before us and press on to continue our mission.

SBC Makati’s New Home

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