Pursuing learning activities outside the home

Pursuing learning activities outside the home while we are homeschooling is an important part of our son’s learning process. It may not exactly be dictated in the curriculum that we are using. But it is the supervisor’s (mine) responsibility to be creative and even schedule places we could go to. The convenient thing about this is we can do it at our own sweet time. It often makes for a family day out whenever we do. 🙂

Some of the things that we have done so far since we started homeschooling are visits to Ark Avilon Zoo, Zoobic Safari, Nido Discovery, among others. Our son loves reading about animals and planets and seeing these things in an interactive setting makes it all the more real to him. It fascinates him as he learns how the world around him works, learn about the animals and how they survive. It was before we started homeschooling when we went to visit a Butterfly farm nearby. We have to get that scheduled again even as we learn about flowering trees and plants.

In the coming months we also hope to visit museums and historical sites. This is another important event that we will have to schedule. We choose to supplement this way especially so that we using an international curriculum. This morning, I just purchased entrance fee tickets to Oceanarium at Manila Ocean Park at 30% off. These are the deals that we moms love to take advantage of. Instead of having to pay P400 for entrance fee, I only paid P280 for each ticket. We need to get my boss’s (the husband) approval on the date though. Our son is already looking forward to it. The plan is for our little guy to enjoy while learning about the different species in the ocean and their habitat. It will be the first time that he will take notes now that his fine motor skills are improving.

Pursuing learning activities outside the home

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