Running with the hubby

The plan was for me to join my husband for a once a week run in Marikina Sports Center. A week after I got that lined up, it still has remained just that – a plan. It does not look very hopeful that I will at all be able to get that done anytime soon. Especially with my schedules blocked throughout the week.

Running was never appealing to me. But the hubby is insistent that it burns the most calories and it will develop my stamina like no other workout I have done in the past. Who am I to argue, right? So, that plan will cease to be just that this coming week. Will have to get this work out and be in a better shape real soon. Besides it will be a great chance for us to spend quality time together. I have mentioned over at Plurk last week that after all the crazy weeks and months that my husband has gotten himself submerged in the logistics of the recently concluded Youth Camp, he seriously needs some catching up to do. 🙂

Running with the hubby

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