Construction of upstairs delayed to 2012

We have decided that we will have to delay the construction of our home’s upstairs. The reason being, we need a vehicle that we don’t need to have repaired week in and week out. In less than a couple of weeks, we will be bringing home our very own spanking brand new baby. We are pretty excited about it. We have been praying about this for years and the Lord is ever faithful to have our prayers answered. Like He always would, in His perfect time.

Meanwhile, we will probably start with the construction of the upstairs in late 2012, Lord willing. But whoever knows? It might be sooner? ๐Ÿ˜‰ While waiting and because of the nature of my work from home job and our homeschooling set up, we had to device a way to get our respective office furniture (the hubby’s, mine and our son’s) fit in our 48sqm, 2br, 1t&b home. It’s sweet that the hubby was able to customize each of our own nooks with just the right sizes of office tables to get everything to fit in without looking crowded.

And so the countdown begins. We will be breaking in the brand new baby as soon as it is home. ๐Ÿ˜€

Construction of upstairs delayed to 2012

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