A sweet and quick getaway coming soon..

A week after summer camp is over and I’m still waiting for the hubby to take me for a spin. We have not played catch up yet. That’s something we’d have to do before he leaves for Africa in a couple of months. We do have couch times at home. But sometimes we tend to forget especially with both our crazy schedules. I will be out of town twice this week alone, to cover some press and blog events.

Sometimes I’d wonder how much that rv for sale being advertised along the stretch of C5 road costs. Apparently, it is a local version of the more luxurious international kind. That would make long, land travels hassle free. But then again, spontaneity is something we cannot afford just yet, for now. Responsibilities are tons and it’s good to stick to routine somehow. But will take note to bug the hubby soon for that sweet but quick getaway. Vigan, perhaps? 🙂

A sweet and quick getaway coming soon..

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