Choosing health

If you have read the article in the current issue of Good Housekeeping magazine, you would have read a handful on how we make money online. While I do it in a full time basis, the hubby does when he has free time. Which is not very much.

Oftentimes I feel that there are so many things to do, with so little time. But here is when time management gets in. I am thankful that I get to concentrate on my online job now that school year is over. But I still am so busy that I neglect making our daily kefir shake. The most I get to do it now is 3x a week. Which explains my weakened immune system. I caught a cold last week. Maybe it’s time to go back to the traditional supplement? It’s easier to pop a pill than peel fruits and filter kefir grains and do everything else, right? But then again, keeping focused to my commitment to our family’s health will just be the reminder that I need to press on. 🙂

Choosing health

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