Family Day

Monday is our family’s favorite day. It’s usually the time that we go out to spend time together because it’s the hubby’s rest day. But being a no drive day for us, if we have to at all go, it has to be within the time that the number coding is lifted and then we’re stuck where we are until 7PM. So the default place to be for us would usually be a mall, where we could choose to do a handful of activities.

We went to Shangri-la mall today and headed over to our second favorite yogurt place – White Hat. Red Mango will still be first for us. Then we went to the department store to get our little guy’s graduation gift –  a Lego set. Then  Gymboree to claim our little guy’s Membership Welcome Kit and had the little guy play for an hour while I worked on my netbook at the waiting area. 🙂 Gymboree is in our son’s list of favorite places. We would love to go visit Manila Ocean Park next and maybe a Science centrum with all those mirrors and the works. I’m sure that at 4, our son will thoroughly enjoy all these already. Especially now that he has developed interest in things beyond the sky.

Today is especially fun, because my father called and said that he and Tita Angie (his sister) will head over to the mall to meet us. Tita Angie treated us to a yummy dinner of Crispy Pata, Salmon skewers, pork sisig, spring chicken and a platter of desserts at Max’s. The desserts I barely tasted. The little guy finished it all before I could catch my breath. It was just fun hanging out with Tita Angie once again after so many years. She’s here for a vacation but will be flying back to Canada very soon.

Family Day

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