Our son is graduating soon!

Although we were pretty set on homeschooling our son around this time last year, we never thought we would enjoy it this much. Our 4 year old has been reading for at least a couple of months now. He started learning the letter sounds when he was 2 but now he is reading smoothly already.

In less than a month our son will graduate from SOT’s Preschool with Ace and Christi program and I cannot be more thrilled! Last Friday was his very first rehearsal for the graduation. He was able to practice with the other soon to graduate kids. Here is a clip from their rehearsal.

As for me, schedule has been busy, as usual. I have said that this year will put a stop to my sedentary lifestyle. I’m working at it, slowly but surely. The hubby has been busy as well. He is officially the director for this year’s upcoming Summer Camp, among other things.

Our son is graduating soon!

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