Hubby is a Top Scorer!

Who would have known that after so many months (probably a year) of not being able to play basketball, he still has it? Well, I am just so proud and I just have to say it out loud that the hubby is the top scorer of last Saturday’s game of Go check the page and his name is right there. 🙂

Between the two of us, Jeff is the one who is more conscious of how his weight, his love handles, etc. Instead he does it the “old school” way. He does 40 push ups a day, for one. Runs when he can and plays football.  For now is it the 40 push ups that he is able to do regularly.  His schedule is pretty packed that he can’t squeeze running anymore.  But he does when he can. He’s joining the team again this weekend and I hope that their team makes it again. 🙂

Hubby is a Top Scorer!

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