A Blogging Journey of a WAHM

It has been a good five years since I started web blogging and with four domain babies that I currently have, I can say that I am more than just enjoying it. My first blog entry was posted in one of the free Baby Journal sites, then I shifted to a social network site. It was in that social network site that I have done blogging –full blast.

Marriage and Beyond was the first domain that I claimed. After four hours of looking into parenting/marriage related domains, I almost gave up until I found peace in the domain Marriage and Beyond. I claimed it at around 4 A.M. and the other domains came all in from like the same sudden surge of inspiration and vision.

My other babies are HandyTipsandHints.com, ReviewsCorner.org and KikayCorner.net. I claimed the latter via a free platform around the same time I claimed Marriage and Beyond, but for some reason, I killed it in its first month. I thought a blogger can only write so much, retreating to the thought that I have not got a lot to write about the particular niche. It was neat to have found the same name still available after ditching it a couple of months before. Now I have gotten various posts on beauty, fashion and every possible article on women’s interests.

As of late, I have considered taking web content writing to the next level by accepting an e-book writing job. Considered, but not yet convinced that it is the road for me. With a homeschooling job to add on to my current schedule in the next few months, the decision has to be well thought of. Prayed about, like 128 times, at least. I swear if I knew web blogging is going to be this fun, I would have started right from when I was first online- when I was in middle school.

A Blogging Journey of a WAHM

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