Bora, here we come!

True, one of my recent posts got us all set for a no summer getaway. But can you really blame us if we take advantage of an airline promo? As a result, we are officially booked for Bora this coming June. Yes, June. Just in time before we blast off to the real deal –homeschooling.

Now that the airfare is taken care of, the next deal is to look for a good place to stay in, although a free hotel stay wouldn’t hurt. I wish! We will be there for four days. We are thrilled to go back to where we spent our honeymoon more than seven years ago,  this time with our li’l tot in tow.

Here’s when I ask for suggestions. We really could use a cheap but decent accommodation. We stayed in Pearl of the Pacific during our honeymoon in 2001 and we learned that we don’t really need a fancy hotel room because we only spent time inside the room for a few hours, just to sleep. We were almost always on the beach, gallivanting through and through.

We would really appreciate any input and suggestions. It has been almost eight years since we last visited Bora. “Talipapa” was still standing during that time. We will sure be surprised with all the progress. I even heard there already is a mall! I cannot imagine!

Our supposed “No summer getaway” might just about turn out to be the most exciting summer ever!

Bora, here we come!
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