Taking Control of Our Family’s Health

Hopeful. This is what I feel towards this brand new year. Last year was not exactly a healthy one for me and the rest of my family. Fact is, I have been sickly for as long as I can remember. But it becomes a bigger issue when you have a child to take care of. As the primary caregiver of my son, I also have to take care of myself to keep him from being sick. There were a couple of times last year that I might as well hit myself on the head for taking my health for granted. My resistance went to its all time low and got me under the weather more than half of the whole 2008. An example of which was when I was hospitalized during the first trimester of last year, a couple of weeks before I took the board exam.

From my son’s infancy, I only prepared brown rice for him so that he will have the maximum nutrition from the most natural source, among other things that I do to make sure he is healthy. But the thing is, whatever effort I give towards taking good care of him, when I am not healthy myself, his susceptibility to getting sick is automatically taken to notches higher than usual. I have always known about flu shots from years ago, but never gotten down to having them. I knew I was not committed enough when my son’s pedia told us late last year that the shot is about to expire and it is best to have it on February of this year.

I took on the responsibility to do my own research on flu vaccine that led me to my resolve of getting all of us vaccinated, first quarter of this year. Take 3 steps to fight the flu made sense to me: Take time to get a flu vaccine. Take everyday preventive actions and take antiviral drugs if your doctor recommends them. You may also want to visit bakuna.ph for more information about influenza.

Things were later reinforced by friends and loved ones who vouched for the shot of getting them almost invincible to influenza. I need no further convincing. I should say that I am starting this year right – regular workouts and very soon I will be getting my family protected from the notorious, ever mutating influenza virus. I wasted a lot of hours in my sick bed in 2008 to leave my health issues to fate this year. I am indeed hopeful even as I reclaim my health by being intentionally vigilant through getting ourselves immunized and getting back in shape by doing regular workouts.

Even as we take these steps towards taking control over our family’s health, I am made more confident of a better quality of life in 2009.

Taking Control of Our Family’s Health

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