Getting Back to My Readings

After having read Twilight’s complete series and Midnight Sun last month,  I cannot help but get hooked on reading e-books via my cheap flip LG mobile.  I love books, always have.  I have tons at home courtesy of my Uncle from the states who chose us as recipients of what could be considered an inheritance.  Aside from the books that I have purchased through the years and a handful of others given as gifts.  Mama told me she did not wear glasses until she was 50.  I hope I get that good gene from her.  I think 50 would be acceptable age for me to wear one.  I am really not very comfy wearing spectacles.  I get sweaty around the nose a lot and glasses irritates my whole mid face region.  Weird, eh?

What I need to work on is getting off the scatterbrained habit that I have, I currently am reading three different books at the same time.  One on health, with stuff about Lipovox, another is Parenting Isn’t for Cowards by Dobson and I’m currently rereading On Becoming Toddlerwise by Ezzo. I was looking forward to reading The Host by the same author as the Twilight series, but it did not appeal as much to me so I got back to my regular books.

I must admit though, reading e-books are more convenient, not to mention it’s more environment friendly (no dead trees, thank you).  Which made me google for e-books of the current hard copies I have, but I found none. 🙁  So I am left to reading my real books from home.  I don’t really fancy carrying books as I used to.  An additional carry on is not really the wisest thing when I have this little guy in tow most of the time.

Getting Back to My Readings
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