Isn’t this the sweetest?!  I am just so thrilled to learn that the cards dropped on this site actually outnumbered the number of ec drops I did for the day! Woohoo! ;-)  I bet by now you can tell that I am an EC lover.  One of the more interesting articles that I stumbled upon as I was doing my rounds was that of verItableLIFE.com.  Oh yes, I still read through posts, mind you.   Beau71’s post on the record drop of 8 minutes and 13 seconds blew me away.  I understood the point why the formula was not divulged, but if you were a faithful entrecarder like me, you will not help but itch to know the secret.  Ok, so I have not got it yet.  Being the IT ignorant that I am, I may never come to learn it.  Nevertheless, allow me to just rejoice over this statistic. 🙂


I probably have joined every possible group that encourages members to drop back.  This explains the number of widgets around this site’s Entrecard widget.  Just so you know guys, most of them DO NOT DROP BACK.   I  later figured what really worked for me was simply just to go to my drops inbox and drop back to those who dropped to our site.  Simple.   But maybe you have got the formula to get the most number of drops back at the least number of time figured out, care to share? 😀


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