Hubby’s Out | Busy Bee Me

image.jpgBefore this site screams issues of abandonment, I’m going to write a quick post on what has been keeping me busy these past days. I have been in my lonesome in our make shift work station since yesterday. The hubby and I would usually write our respective articles at the same time from different computers. I am trying to be as occupied as I can, so that time will just fly until he’s back. Keep him in your prayers, will you? He is in Palawan with a team from Houston, Texas. He is leading the team as they go into schools to present the Breaking Point program to hundreds of students.

images3.jpgAs for me, aside from keeping constantly in touch with the hubby, keeping house, taking care of my little guy while doing some online tasks which includes discreetly promoting a couple of my other blogs, like what I did the other day.

Hubby’s Out | Busy Bee Me

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