WW: Bloggers Night


As usual, this is going to be an almost wordless one.  Our dinner was a treat from “the man” himself, Neil of Neilmaranan.com.Thanks, Neil!  This guy is ultra generous with more than just sharing what he knows about internet marketing. Even while we were still classmates back in CPE, he threw such a grand bash when he turned 21 😉 Which reminds me, Neil, you’re soon to turn another year older in less than a couple of months.  San tayo?! Beside Neil is Nonette and the ever famous Mhel of Marikenya.com right there in the middle and beside me is Rizza of Experiencenexpress.blogspot.com.


The hubby and our little guy joined us after dinner at Starbucks.  I only got to snap just a single group shot.  The guys got a little too busy discussing business,  I tend to move away when things get technical. lol!  I leave it to the hubby to take care of those stuff.  I’m fine with just blogging, thank you. 🙂 Thanks so much guys for being such great friends!  Hope there will be a repeat, besides we weren’t really able to discuss much about the Salamyaan stuff, right? 😉


WW: Bloggers Night

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