830th Post

830th.JPGSeven months in and eight hundred and twenty nine posts later, I and the hubby are definitely having a blast maintaining this blog. Although majority of posts archived from 2005 to 2007 were imported from my multiply site, 829 post is still something for a seven month old blog. Although I could say that I have gotten quite acquainted with my dashboard and I am so loving wordpress, in my heart I still feel like a noob. There are a whole lot of things I still need to learn. I know our SEO friend, Neil, who has gotten us into this blogging business will agree. Right, Neil?

As much as I want to just type away and broadcast my thoughts, there is more to web blogging than just that. Like for instance, considering to avail of a premium chat software from Uzoom. This chat tracking technology would allow for us to see every visitor in real time as it generates report on how they got to our site, if they got in via search engine, what keywords were used – identifying whether the hits were organic or otherwise. This will further allow us to analyze the things we still have got to do to better market this web page. 😉

I have always hoped I could leave this techie stuff to the hubby, but with all those things in his hands, I know I have got to learn the ropes of being an effective webmaster.

830th Post

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