My Long Awaited MBA Degree

There is a good reason for me to reconsider things that I have been busy with lately. First, I enrolled and successfully finished my Continuing Professional Education (CPE) last year and recently passed the board. I cannot say that what I am currently doing is unproductive. Because seriously, I earn decent money with this current occupation. Still, I have been thinking that maybe at the right time, I can go take my MBA admission essay and get qualified to enroll in a reputable school for my   Masters Degree in Business Administration.

 Having graduated from Business Administration from the University of Santo Tomas, I know I could make use of this bachelors degree to go hand in hand with my license to teach. As I contemplate on these things, I am looking into top business schools. But the thing is the top ones accept less than 12% of their highly qualified applicants, which honestly could make or break me. This is why I would have to check in with essay critique service to better my chances of getting in.  I know I often underestimate myself when it comes to things like these and I later end up passing anyway. I might as well go for the best school and have it work for me in the long run.  There are many options available for me, including online masters in business programs, so I’m confident I will find one that best suits me.

My Long Awaited MBA Degree

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