WW, Tuesday Edition: The Birthday Boy



This little guy of ours just turned three on Mothers Day. Please don’t blame me if my celebrating mood was diverted to my son’s third birthday. I am but a mother and I cannot help it. I must admit though that I have become extra emotional that day than all the previous mothers day even as I recall the day commemorating the birth of my most loved son on the exact date (May 11) that I gave birth. (I labored for two days and did the Lamaze/Bradley method of childbirth with the hubby beside me). I tried to hold back tears during the Mothers Day service we attended but failed.

Choosing to be on the front lines of my son’s “becoming” (each and every milestone) is probably the best thing I have ever done in my life. Happy birthday, Jed. I love you son.

WW, Tuesday Edition: The Birthday Boy

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