Our Next Home Project

The hubby and I are currently figuring out how we could turn the house around to welcome our little guy’s study table and the hubby’s executive desk. We were recently told by Teacher Ninang Ana of our son that our little guy should have his own study table even as he is now towards his pre-school years. I know it’s going to take incredible talent to do this in our 48sqm. floor area.

These projects though will have to come after replacing our major bedroom furniture – our six year old bed. I have met a few accidents with the makeshift stand in the middle that the hubby made out of his barbell to keep the bed standing. Plus the springs from that old mattress have begun spiking on our backs for sometime now, calling out its retirement. Because of the urgency of this task, the home office furniture has to wait.

I stumbled upon an easy to navigate furniture site FurnitureFromHome.com and their site appeals to me more than other furniture sites. First, because theirs are just easy to use and go browse around in. Plus, their images are just the right size that fits two or more images in one screenshot. This is a biggie for me even as I have this nagging habit to compare until I get convinced into getting the best deal. Check the site out for yourself even as I would have to go browse around their site further and check out more of their offers.

Our Next Home Project

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