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It was my first time last night in almost a year to actually turn on the television and purposefully watch the late night news.I have truly gone sour in watching the news for reasons obvious to everyone.Our country have been the world’s laughing stock for sometime now because of our misbehaving politicians and the embarrassing leadership this country has.As much as I hate to get politics into this entry and even as I want to focus on the last night’s top story from the news, I just cannot help it.Things will all boil down to the leadership that we have.

rice.JPGRice shortage.This was last nigh’s top story.I have been hearing from my mom how the price of rice has hiked up a tad since the last time she grocery shopped.I have not realized the gravity of the issue until last night.I am so saddened how a businesswoman even got the nerve to take advantage of this crisis by repacking NFA rice (the affordable ones regulated by the government) and resell it like that of those regular ones.

 Ordinary people like us will surely feel the strain as we go through our everyday lives.There will even be times that we need to avail of credit availaments to be able to live through the next pay period.

I just pray that the “famine” will soon come to an end.All these have reminded me about Egypt and how Joseph was able to manage the supply of food through the years until the worldwide trial came to an end.May the Lord provide our country with a “Joseph” and get us to live through this.

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In the News
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