Balancing Life’s Demands With Recreation

To lead a balanced life is very important. All of the world is based on this principle of balance. The principle of nature is that the world is perfectly balanced. It is tilted at a certain angle and rotates at a certain number of miles per hour without any vibration. If the world were a little bit closer to the sun we would burn up and if it were a few miles further away from the sun we would freeze to death. The world is in balance.

In nature, the ecologists study the ecosystems where the food chain and the checks and balances in nature take care of each other. In architecture, there’s balance. There’s the balance within a structure. Engineers know that if a building isn’t built right and the stress isn’t balanced, it will collapse or a bridge will fall through. In our body, doctors say when we get sick, it is an imbalance in our body. Health comes when our body is restored to balance. The red and white corpuscles are balanced and your hormones are balanced.

All through life, in everything we look at, it all focuses toward equilibrium — the principle of balance. That’s why it is important to have enough time for work, family, spiritual things and even recreation. We must be balanced in all areas in our mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and social lives.

Recreation, for many busy people may come in many forms. There are people who enjoy outdoor activities like picnics, a long drive into the country, a walk in the park, playing a sport or even a trek or a hike in the mountains. For other people their recreation may come in the form of playing with their children in the backyard, playing board games, playing the Nitto 1320 Legends – Free Live Online Drag Racing Game or simply reading a book they love.

Whatever form it is, the principle is to have some time for recreation but not too much that we spend most of our time on recreation. Every area must be balanced.

Balancing Life’s Demands With Recreation
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