Feeling the Strain, Keeping the Faith

When the hubby and I failed to reach the bank before it closed at 6 P.M. last night, we figured we could do some grocery replenishment while we were already near the supermarket. We only bought a few items, in fact as opposed to the usual cart that we would take with us as we do our grocery rounds, hubby just held on a grocery basket.


Guess how much our purchase totaled? The few items we bought amounted to almost PhP 1,200. (approx. $30) It just occurred to me that back in 2002, one grocery shopping that amounted to PhP1,500 (approx. $37.50) would have us leave the store with 5 to 6 bags. Last night we got home with just 2 bags. I bet if they did not have to separate the toiletries from the food stuff, everything would have fit in just one bag.

If the government will not be able to regulate the prices of the basic commodities anytime soon, we will have a hard time budgeting our resources.We already feel the strain, given the fact that all three of us in our family have maintenance medications that will last for at least five more months.

Nothing is too hard for God and I know in my heart despite these current disappointments around us, He is faithful to sustain us. I remember receiving an SMS a couple of weeks back, Big Problems? Tell your problems you have a bigger God. How’s that for an encouragement? 🙂

Feeling the Strain, Keeping the Faith

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