Meeting Long Time Friends

Sheryl, Don Don, Jennie and me at Mandy and Bing’s wedding

It was the 28th of December and we attended the wedding of Mandy and Bing. Mandy was one of my close friends in college. There were three of us back then in CCP – Mandy, Don Don and me. I remember eating lunch with them almost everyday at a cafeteria strip behind McDonald’s at the corner of Aurora Boulevard and Araneta Avenue (where I used to meet my ex-girlfriend Jennie, now my lovely wife). We would order different grilled recipes for lunch and I would eat three orders of rice each meal – I didn’t usually eat breakfast before leaving for school back then. That happened from Monday to Friday because we were taking the same summer classes.

Seeing them again, now with their own families (and me with mine), was great. Although we’re geographically far from each other (Mandy has a house somewhere in Rodriguez, Rizal, Don Don has his in Taguig and I have mine in Antipolo City) the friendship still continues. They are both godfathers of my son.

Mandy’s wedding was sort of a reunion for the three of us and the families we have.

Meeting Long Time Friends

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