The Love for Music Runs in the Family

Jed on the drumsJeff on the drums

Just recently, our son received a very special gift from his grandma and grandpa – a cool drum set. I felt so happy for him – for having received a gift that I myself have never received in my life. You see, playing musical instruments is something I enjoy doing. I taught myself to play the guitar (acoustic, electric, bass) and drums when I was in high school and college and tried to share this talent (playing drums at least) with my wife Jennie. I remember trying to teach Jennie some basic grooves more than ten years ago.

I am excited to get to the time when Jed is ready to learn to play drums as a skill and help him discover the talent that runs in the family. I look forward to teaching him some basics in music; the kinds of notes, the kinds of rests, tempo, terms like bpm (beats per minute), bar, common time and the like. Watching him play with the new gift he just received excites me all the more.


The Love for Music Runs in the Family
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