My Son’s Playdate with Cham


Yesterday, my son met his favorite playmate yet again and it was a fun day for him. From the previous night, we have told him that he will be seeing his friend, Cham-Cham after church, the next day. As expected right from the time he woke up he was announcing to everyone the he’s going to see Cham-Cham. He said it while traveling to the Makati church right through the time that we left for church. He was very expectant, despite the fact that he seriously had quite a while already playing with other kids at church.

Cham is my bestfriend Gina’s daughter. Right from when Gina was yet prego with Cham, our prayers that our children will be friends and great friends at that just like their mothers are. Gina is in London now and how I miss her. Jed also does and even till now he would associate going to Cham-Cham to seeing his Ninang Gina.

We hope to schedule a playdate for them again soon. It’s just fascinating to see them enjoy themselves and have fun.

My Son’s Playdate with Cham

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