Goodbye Jem

We said goodbye to Jem, June 23, 2006. We had a miscarriage, an early pregnancy failure. God knows how tough that was for both me and Jeff. Praise Him that His grace is sufficient for us to move on after the grieving.

Jem, we wanted to have you but God has something else in mind. The privilege of carrying you for almost 3 months is an honor in itself and I thank God that through that time I know that your voice will be a great addition in Heaven praising Him. Unformed as you were, I can’t picture how you’d grace the heavens, but I’ll have our Heavenly Father take care of that. Psalm 139 says that God was there when you were formed and only He knows what happened between your conception and the miscarriage. You could have been our angel, but you were more special than that.

Goodbye Jem
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