Listen to my Heart

This song that we first heard sang by Lisa Chan is a family favorite. Jeff first sang this to me as a surprise on our wedding day, just before he said his vow. Through the duration of my pregnancy with Jed, we both sang this to him and when he came out, the familiarity of the song to him was evident as he was most attentive when we sing it to him, he sings back to us with his humming babbles.



Here we are, you and I at last


In the right place, at the right time


Every dream, I’ve dreamed has come to pass


Because you’re right here and you’re all mine


I can’t believe the years of holding back are through


And I can finally share what’s in my heart with you


Listen. Listen. Listen to my heart


Listen to it sing, listen to my voice


It wants to tell you everything


I’ve got so much to say


I don’t know where to start


But if you want to know the love I’m feeling


Listen to my heart


All my life, I’ve been on a road


Going one way toward one dream


The road will wind and down I will go


Always searching never finding


But even in my darkest hour I always knew


That someday somehow the road will lead to you


And words can’t express how my heart’s filled with happiness


Listen to my heart as it cries


For all the years that it was lonely


Listen to my heart as it smiles to know


That now after so long I can finally sing my song


And you’re here and you’re listening


You’re listening…

Listen to my Heart

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