There are Pests in My House

It took a long, long time and a lot of hard work to finally buy a home, but it happened and I was ecstatic. It took much longer to save the money than I anticipated and even longer to find the right home. It had to be perfect and I didn’t want to settle for anything that didn’t really suffice my needs. Once I found my home, I knew it in my heart. I had an ear-to-ear smile that wouldn’t leave my face. I felt amazing,  accomplished, successful, and inspired. It took forever to close on the home, so it felt like to me. But it finally happened and we began moving into our home on May 15.

The first night in the new place was amazing. My husband and I loved the home. The kids, while it took some time for them to adjust, liked what they saw as well. It was the extra-large toy room that made them the happiest, as you might suspect. I didn’t experience the usual new home, can’t sleep jitters and slept like a baby after a fun-filled day of getting to know the home and the property. Day number two and day three were just as charming. I was delighted to have found this property at such a great price and moved in so easily. And then day four turned into a disaster.

I opened the cabinets located above the refrigerator and several cockroaches fell out. We had cleaned these cabinets weeks before, so I was shocked! Upon better inspection, I noticed tiny black specks which I was told later was cockroach feces. Later in the day, I saw several of the bugs run across the kitchen floor and saw several on the countertop. I was panicked and shocked and knew that I had to act immediately. I knew that we had not been in the home long enough to cause an infestation and that the problem needed to be addressed as quickly as possible.

I can say that I was devastated at this discovery. I read and reread my contract and nowhere did it say “free cockroaches already living at the home.” But it would do no good to make a fuss now. It is my home and I must take action to rid the roaches. They messed with the wrong person because I certainly wasn’t going to take their unwelcomed entrance in my home lightly.

The first thing that I did was remove everything that I could from the cabinets and the pantry and cleaned them thoroughly once again. I swept, mopped, and vacuum the floors, and cleaned the bathroom. I hate cockroaches so badly, so seeing them in the home was devastating. Of course, from prior experience, I knew that it was important to call one of the great pest control companies in the area. The pests were not present at first, so this only meant they were lurking behind the walls.

Pest control

The pest control company come out and thoroughly inspected my home. I learned all of the roaches hiding spots and that it was the basement where the problem all started. They treated my home and I didn’t see any more cockroaches. They come out and did a follow-up treatment two weeks later. They also provided me with a list of strategies to follow to ensure that cockroaches didn’t come back. It was the list of basics, you know, like making sure you take out the trash, keep the house clean, etc.

If you notice pests in the house, whether it is cockroaches or something else, it is important that you do not panic. I know that is not easy to do when the critters are crawling around, but you’ll only make things worse on yourself if you panic. And make sure that a phone call to a pest professional is one of the first things that you do to ensure that the pests are gone just as quickly as they arrived in the home. It is not hard to get pests out of the home, thankfully, so I am now back to enjoying my new home. So can you!

There are Pests in My House

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