The home smells clean again

After the “flood,” (terming it as “the flood” makes it sound a lot like the Old Testament, Noah and the Ark event), the hubby and I are pretty much surprised about the things in the house that survived. We have expected things to be practically useless. One item that I am pleased that has survived that flood was my 5 year old Goodsphere. It is a revolutionary air purifier/ionizer system. We bought it when we were prego with our son. We were still renting this basement apartment in Makati that has bad ventilation (read:basement). We left a few months after and transferred to another apartment. This air revitalizing system helps clean the air and you actually see for yourself how the water gets darker as it does its job. Before the flood, I replace the water and clean the basin once a week, but during the cleaning up from the flood, it has to be cleaned once a day!


I wasn’t expecting it to still work after I have cleaned the mud off of it. But lo and behold it did and I couldn’t be more grateful. The stench that the mud water has left was unbearable. The Goodsphere ionizer helped the house smelled clean again. Of course, it also entailed some rigorous scrubbing with chlorine and lysol here and there. This is the one time that I so appreciated this air purifier/ionizer. The conversion of positive ions in the air into negative ions and the fact that its aromatherapy clears away the funky smell the flood has left without marking my walls is just neat (I love scented candles!).

I know I can be pretty much an OC when it comes to cleanliness sometimes. But you can’t blame me, I’m a mother and I have to lower that risk of illness spreading across my household (as if the flood isn’t enough to do just that).  I wouldn’t be considering the resurrection of the air purifier if it wasn’t for the stinky smell the flood has left.  As petty as it might be, it has helped our moving towards getting our life back to normal. And yes, I’m back multitasking between freelancing while doing homeschooling and the house chores. Life is good, although we’re still in the look out for a yet another possible super typhoon (Ramil/Lupit).  It has the ability to bring us anxiety, true, but we choose to put our total dependence on God alone. 🙂

The home smells clean again
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