November 15 is World Cord Blood Day

It was in 2004 when I first learned about cord blood banking. It was fairly new back then, and the process was more tedious since the cord blood has to be sent to another country for processing.

Fast forward thirteen years, I can only wish I have given it more attention that it deserves.

CordLife Blood banking


History of Cord Blood Banking

The history of cord blood banking goes back to 1974 when it was first proposed that stem cells are found in human cord blood. In 1988, the first successful cord blood transplant was performed by Dr. Eliane Gluckman in France, saving the life of a 6 year old boy who was fighting the blood disorder “Fanconi’s Anemia.”

The umbilical cord blood has since saved thousands of lives from diseases.  But reality remains that 98% of  umbilical cords are thrown away as medical waste. A lot of people are still not in the know when it comes to the life-saving benefit of banking a baby’s cord blood.

Cordlife World Cord Blood Day

November 15 is World Cord Blood Day

Knowing how life-saving cord blood banking is, I join the rest of the advocates in raising awareness towards getting the word out to let more people know its benefits to child and the whole family. November 15, 2017 has been tagged as the first ever World Cord Blood Day. 

Cordlife Brand Ambassador Dimples Romana

Who to better host the World Cord Blood Day but CordLife brand ambassador herself, Dimples Romana.  Dimples has her own story to tell, having lost a sibling to a disease, she took it upon herself to bank her son’s cord blood, for her own peace of mind.

Cordlife doctors

Dr Arvin Faundo, one of the leading experts in Stem Cell Transplantation in the Philippines, answered questions about cord blood and cord blood banking and how it serves as a non-controversial source of valuable stem cells that can save the lives of children afflicted with various dreaded diseases. According to Dr. Faundo, “expectant parents in this country must be given sufficient information on the importance of cord blood banking. If the choice is not made, that chance is lost for good.”

The experts also shared that cord blood banking is presently a standard option to treat over 80 life-threatening diseases like:  leukemia, thalassemia major, lymphoma and other blood disorders. One of the latest developments is its use in the regenerative medicine department – treatment of spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, et. al.

on the benefits of cord blood banking as an available standard option for treating over 80 life-threatening diseases such as Cordlife Moms

Celebrity CordLife Moms share their personal stories of banking their children’s cord blood.

Cordlife Moms and Advocates

The ceremonial pact was the World Cord Blood Day’s highlight as CordLife Philippines and its celebrity brand ambassadors including Nina Corpuz, Vanessa Matsunaga and Dimples Romana champion the advocacy to spread awareness of cord blood banking as a life-changing medical breakthrough that has that can save the lives of our children.

Cordlife Cord Blood Banking

Thank you, Marj of Woman in Digital for the group shot. 🙂

Through cord blood banking, we gain higher chances to survive genetic diseases. For more information about CordLife Blood Banking, visit



November 15 is World Cord Blood Day

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