Family Vacation Destinations in France

It can be challenging for families to decide as to where to head for that perfect holiday. Although there can be endless options, one should certainly focus on France. After all, it is here that one can enjoy the best things of beauty to the fullest, be it nature, the architecture, fashion and even cuisine, which is undoubtedly the world’s best. The sights and lights of the country are sure to delight the adults while fascinating the young ones. France boasts of some great destinations for kids and offers a wide range of family-friendly hotels and resorts. One can pick from a chalet in France that comes with ski properties with hot tubs or pools, or go for family-owned villas in the country.  One can always stay at the houses in quiet rural towns or the ski chateaus in the French Alps.

Here are some of the top ideas for a family vacation in France:

  • Paris for an ultimate start

Paris is simply a terrific start for your holiday with your family and kids. Just relax and stroll the streets and enjoy the street food. There is always a patisserie selling delectable pas nearby. Enjoy your snack with a cool drink or a hot coffee. Go towards the beaches or head towards the famous museums The Louvre and other spots that are sure to keep the children entertained and interested the whole day long. Take a free tour of the landmark Notre Dame Cathedral. The sights and lights of Paris are sure to keep the children fascinated. Besides the enchanting Eiffel Tower, there are family-friendly parks and gardens and of course the pastry shops and croissants. Plus, you simply cannot beat Disneyland Paris for that ultimate family fun!

Disneyland Paris France


  • Take a road trip

Rent out a vehicle to explore the picture-perfect countryside of France and its medieval towns. France is an easy country to drive in. Once you have the vehicle ready and the route marked, all you need to do is stack up loads of cereal, fruit, drinks, etc., and you are all set to go. You can take a scenic drive along the Mediterranean or explore the untouristed Aveyron region. France has indeed a lot to offer the whole family. It could be going on miles of bike trails or exploring the castles and rustic towns of the Loire Valley or lazing around the sunny beaches of Nice. You could head for Dordogne, located in central France and famous for its castles, caves and adventure parks. Strasbourg is another popular destination for families. The picture-perfect French city is very walkable and boasts of the cutest neighborhood in Europe. The city is filled with restaurants and brasseries.

  • Outdoor Activities with your children

For the grown-up kids, skiing in the French Alps is the first choice. École du Ski Français ski school trains young kids who are skiing for the first time. There are several resorts that open fun-driven Jardins de Neige or the snow garden for the three-year-olds. There are other schools for the slightly older lot when will offer them better value than larger ski stations. Once your children get the hang of it, watch them enjoy snowshoeing, mushing, ice skating, sledding, cycling, indoor swimming pools on French Alps and Pyrenees, which are the prime walking areas.  Another family favorite taking the is cable-car ride in Chamonix, followed by a two-hour hike to Lac Blanc and take a dip in the Alpine lake. White-water sports and canoeing in French Alps, Provence and Massif Central are suitable for children aged seven or older. A teen can hardly resist the thrill of Mountain biking outdoors. Gentle sea kayaking into caves in the Mediterranean is another popular family activity in France. The French Alps are a perfect destination for families to ski together and have loads of fun, amidst breathtaking mountains everywhere.

Family vacation in France

  • Museums & Monuments

There are several museums in Paris that organize creative workshops for children and parents. Make the bookings earlier for those workshops that are organized daily during school holidays and cater for children aged seven to 14 years. Ask for free tours and activities for children when buying tickets for a museum.

  • Loads of fun and entertainment

France boasts of an impressive repertoire of fun things and entertainment for the children. For example, they can enjoy puppet shows alfresco, children’s films in cinemas and children’s theatres. There is an abundance of music festivals and shows to pick from in the Loire Valley or the cathedral facades in Rouen or the papal palace in Avignon. Children love to watch the outstanding after-dark illuminations that include Paris’ Eiffel Tower and Marseille’s MuCEM. With of family-friendly hotels and resorts, France is indeed a wonderland for kids.

Eiffel Tower Paris France

  • Dining out with kids

Food is important when traveling with children and those classic French mains are simply loved by all. Enjoy gratin dauphinoise, escalope de veau and boeuf bourguignon with your kids. Fondue and raclette have become a hot favorite of all. Don’t be shy about asking a half-portion of an adult main as most of the restaurants generally oblige. Slices of baguette come with every meal that are served by brasseries and cafes from 7 am or 8 am until midnight. Parisian pavements are filled with crêpe stands and stalls selling hot chestnuts. Enjoy France’s signature croque monsieur or the mouth-watering array of cakes, pastries, and biscuits. Buy a fizzy drink for your child that is flavored with unique flavors such as pea-green menthe or the pomegranate-fuelled grenadine and lots more such as raspberry, cherry, peach, and lemon.


Family Vacation Destinations in France

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