A Healthier Us in 2017

A plan for a healthier family this 2017.

When it comes to health, our family has become one conscious bunch. We have considerably limited, if not eradicated pork from our diet since two years ago, Limited because when we go to parties that friends host, we are not in a position to demand “no pork,” when it is what’s on the table. We find ourselves healthier since, less sickness incidence, even the usual colds and flu season do not seem to haunt us as much.

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Influence on Going Organic

It was a blessing that my resolve was further reinforced by my visit to different local organic farms last year, headed by  the Department of Agriculture’s ATI (Agricultural Training Institute). My prayer is to be able to nurture my own small plot of home organic garden. I’ve attempted on herbs for years, but they kept dying on me. I’m hopeful though that mushroom culture would be something I’ll be able to succeed on. I’m hoping to attend a seminar on that very soon.

While we find ourselves in better health, that does not exactly follow that we will forego getting hold of a health card. We are actually in search for a health coverage for our son. Unfortunately, he isn’t included in my husband’s health benefit coverage. It’s still a puzzle to me to this day why some companies refuse to understand the value of health coverage for the whole family.

Accessible Health Needs

Incidentally, speaking of health, I’ve always hoped that something like The Independent Pharmacy will be made locally available for us. Imagine not having to waste on gas and time, when it’s actually possible to purchase medicines online. Less carbon footprint, and time used more efficiently.

A Healthier Us in 2017

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