Home Security

The title I typed just made me smile. It reminded me of the tv series the hubby and I, for so many years, were crazy over. Nope, this post has nothing to do with the heart-pumping tv series, nor any of its spin-offs, but everything to do with the value of home security.

Because we are getting set for the repair of our house, we are considering the things we need to get done to reinforce safety. This is something that we should never take for granted.


I am currently on the look out for reliable lock and key specialist brand, some locks need replacing and some doors need deadbolt for reinforcement. Home security should be in every family’s top priority.

This up coming home project has been recently taking a lot of our time. But we honestly have yet to find a good contractor, no more rip off please! We’ve been praying for the Lord to lead us to the right people to get the work done. Meanwhile, I’ve been busy doing a lot of general cleaning, ridding ourselves of white elephants. We hope to hold a garage sale very soon.

Home Security

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