Philam Vitality Rewards You for Living Healthy

Imagine being rewarded for the very things you should be doing anyway.  We are all essentially borne into a culture that has set us towards stressors of all forms: the horrid traffic we put up with every day, sedentary lifestyle, processed and fast food choices, et. al. All of which, we all know, will sooner or later, take a toll on our heath and will undeniably affect our family’s quality of life.

Philam Vitality

Philam Life introduces Philam Vitality, the first science-backed wellness programme that rewards its members for getting healthy. I admit that I find this uncommon, given that we usually really associate life insurance with protection and savings products to prepare them for uncertainties of life. Philam Life is aims for people to look forward to living longer by living healthier lives. To date, Vitality is already present in several countries with millions of members. It encourages its members to adopt and sustain healthy behaviors. Through the Vitality Program, Philam Life gives real focus on healthy living.

How Philam Vitality Works

The Three Components of Philam Vitality:

  1. Know Your Health. With Philam Vitality Review, users will be able to take an online assessment through their computers or smarphones and see if their Philam Vitality Age matches their actual age. Health Partners include: Makati Medical Center (check-ups and vaccination), Hi-Precision Diagnostics (laboratory procedures) and GAOC (Gan Advanced Osseointegration Center) for dental health.
  2. Improve Your Health. Philam Vitality members can achieve better health for less from partners including: Gold’s Gym, Toby’s Sports, Garmin, Polar and Makati Medical Center for smoking cessation program. *The more points, the higher Vitality status – translating to more rewards.
  3. Enjoy the Rewards. While better health is already a reward in itself, Philam Vitality offers members mroe opportunities to enjoy time with family through discounts tickets to SM Cinemas and Enchanted Kingdom, bookings at Marriott and Seda Hotels for family staycations.


By purchasing a Philam Vitality Series insurance plan from Philam Life or BPI-Philam, members can get upfront discounts on first year premiums and discounts in succeeding years by improving their health. To learn more about Philam Vitality, visit

Philam Vitality Rewards You for Living Healthy

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