Spotted: Carolers in Landmark Supermarket Makati

There are a few places that the hubby and I go to for things that we need around the home. And because we were in Makati yesterday and we were shooting to take advantage of the sale that’s going around, we thought of swinging by Landmark just to check if the things that we needed to buy was on sale. I also needed to buy a few things in the supermarket and was so delighted to witness this.

I was right on time to capture a young lady picking up Downy Fabric Conditioner sachets when the “carolers” sang away their rendition of Christmas carols. I cannot help but beam from ear to ear as I saw the lady’s face light up.

Random shoppers were treated with holiday cheers by this awesome a cappella singing group in Landmark Supermarket. I can only imagine enjoying such treat myself. Why, with all the unending list of things to do this holiday season and the unceasing crowds in the malls that seem to multiply by the minute, the refreshing atmosphere is such a refreshing treat. Such a fun surprise for P&G patrons to listen to the sweet voices of the quartet. I believe shoppers might still catch this singing group in Landmark Supermarket Makati until Monday, Dec. 15, 2014.

Spotted: Carolers in Landmark Supermarket Makati

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