Join the Loom Summer Craft Craze at @SMCityBicutan

Looming has been around for a while, sure. In fact, I was adamant about not joining the bandwagon. I thought it was nothing more than a fleeting fad. But then again, my friend Iris of got me convinced into trying it out.

loom bands

It wasn’t too long until I had my 16 year old craft box which served as my cross-stitch thread organizer that turned into my beads and swarovski organizer, transformed into my loom bands holder. The slots aren’t even enough to hold all the colors in! Haha!

And before you dismiss this craft as merely for girls, my boys are as into it as I am. Just check out that lower right image. That’s what the hubby came up with as he saw some of my leftover beads from centuries ago. 🙂 As for the little guy, it’s his idea to work on this craft and sell the bracelets and place the savings in his account. I’m kind of liking that our son might just have the making of a future entrepreneur. 

SM Bicutan SummerLoom Event

If you’re into looming like my boys and I are, let’s meet over at SM City Bicutan Building B Atrium, this coming May 23 to 25 at 4pm, for the Loom Summer Craft Craze! I can’t wait to get my looming digits on with fellow loomers this weekend. 🙂

Join the Loom Summer Craft Craze at @SMCityBicutan

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