A-Z on How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

Going abroad for your big day is irresistible for many couples, regardless of how tricky it can be. Planning your perfect wedding destination may seem hard at first, but it can be as easy as A to Z:

A is for Airfare

Call your airline in advance and see if you can negotiate group rates. Airfare is expensive, but you could get significant discounts this way.

B is for Budget

It may be tempted to splash all the cash in your bank account on your big day; especially if you’ve been dreaming of the perfect wedding before you were old enough to have an allowance. Establish a budget and stick to it. No need to go bankrupt over one day, however special it is.

C is for Contracts

Keep a signed copy of every contract in a binder and don’t put your name down on anything you’re unsure about.

D is for Dress

Peel through a stack of bridal magazines. Snip out anything you like and stick it in a scrapbook. This’ll give your planner or sales assistant a better idea of what you’re looking for… although you never know what kind of dress you’ll end up with! Allow for more than half a year for your dress to have all the right adjustments made.

E is for Etiquette

If you decide that you don’t want any children at the wedding, don’t brand NO CHILDREN on the invitations; just address the card to the adults only.

F is for Flowers

If you’re sticking to just flowers in the bouquet, you’re making a big mistake. Decorate your venue with flowers or give posies out as favours. Consult your florist about what’s in season; this can bring down costs.

G is for Guest List

Start working on your guest list straight after the engagement party, as this’ll be a huge bone of contention. You’ll also have to match your numbers with the venue’s capacity and make sure that you can afford that many people at your wedding.

H is for Hostess

Ensure that everyone is happy by organising informal meetings or sending out personal gift baskets.

I is for Insurance

Always get insurance, as you never know what will happen; especially abroad.

J is for Jewellery

Stuck for gifts to give your bridesmaids? Jewellery is always a hit and works as a great memento.

K is for Kicking Habits

Now’s the time to stop smoking or give up on takeaways. If you want to look fantastic for your wedding, your body has to be in tip-top condition.

L is for Legalities

Every country has its own laws when it comes to marriage. Make sure you know yours in advance; you don’t want any nasty surprises on your big day.

M is for Music

Use the music that suits your personality. Even if that means you’re walking down the aisle to Beyoncé. “He liked it so he put a ring on it…”

N is for Notebook

Keep a list of all your wedding contacts and to-do’s on you at all times. You never know when you might need important information to hand.

O is for Officiant

Most wedding venues in foreign countries will have an officiant to work with tourists. They’ll help your wedding run smoothly.

P is for Photography

Know your style and give your photography some food for thought months before the wedding. You want gorgeous, long-lasting memories.

Q is for Quit

Quit when you’re beat. If you find that arranging your own wedding is to stressful, hire a planner to do all the hard work for you.

R is for Reception

Remember that receptions abroad are less formal than wedding venues in Cheshire. Design your décor with this in mind.

S is for Saving Money

Make savings where you can – there are always opportunities to cut corners; for example, getting hitched off-peak.

T is for Timelines

Draw up a timeline of events so you know exactly how to schedule your day. Many bridal magazines have handy examples.

U is for Unwind

A week before your wedding, hand over the responsibility to your planner and relatives, so you can start getting some much needed relaxation. Go to a spa and get some sleep!

V is for Vendors

Book your vendors online or solicit advice from your tourism office. You’ll probably be able to find out reviews and examples of past work online.

W is for Website

If you’re a tech-geek, put your wedding online. With a blog, all your guests can get into the celebratory mood, weeks before your ceremony.

X is for Xmas

Consider a winter wonderland instead of the typical beach destination.

Y is for Your Style

Make your wedding personal and follow your own style. A beautiful wedding that doesn’t reflect you will come off as false, even if it was pretty.

Z is for Zippadeedooda!

It’s your big day. Stop worrying! And enjoy it.

A-Z on How to Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding

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