Jed Zachary’s blog post on “Why Batteries Leak”

While my son was reading a totally unrelated book over breakfast this morning, he went babbling about batteries and why they leak. I encouraged him to blog about it.  It has been a while since he last made a post.  He also said that it will help him go back to the post just in case he forgets about some things. He went to his papa’s workstation with excitement soon after and this is what he came up with.

click the image to be directed to Jed’s blog 🙂

I really am not sure about the accuracy of his claims here. But it just fascinates me much how this 7 year old retain so much information from all the readings he’s been doing. While I’m sure that a blogging 7 year old is not uncommon, let alone one who is so engrossed with Science, albeit with a slight streak of geekiness, I can’t help but be thrilled how the love for reading for this little man has gone a long way. 🙂

Although his blogging interrupted our homeschool schedule for a bit (I do have to teach him the proper way of typing sometime, if he plans to blog over the long haul), I really don’t mind. One of the great things about homeschooling! After our class today, he is going back to work on my ipod docks. Jed is my junior handyman. He knows better what wires go where and all the other connections to the electronics in our tiny home. Another thing he has clearly taken after his father. I’m one proud Mama! 🙂

Jed Zachary’s blog post on “Why Batteries Leak”

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