Another father and son bonding time

Just one of the bonding moments of my boys. These are the few times that they are not roughhousing. They just love doing things together and are each other’s bestfriend. I am so proud of my husband and the kind of father he has become. His growing up with an absentee father sure did not stop him from becoming a great father to his son.

Our son has always been musical. He can follow through the right pitch before he even turned one and this was even recognized during his graduation last March as he went home with the Best in Sound Recognition award. We’re hoping to be able to nurture this gift as we plan to enrol him in a musical instrument class of his choice. I was actually in my office looking into atv riding to review before I took this video when I heard our son giggling with delight as he plays with his father. I knew I just had to drop everything down and enjoy watching them both. 🙂

Another father and son bonding time

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