Wednesdays- my no drive days

I finally got Lady Rouge’s plate. A few days short to 2 months since we got her. It’s registration is good for 3 years. Sweet! Something I don’t have to worry that long is always a good thing, right?  I can only wish it’s the same with the insurance attached to it so I won’t have to bother looking for a good and reliable cheap auto insurance next year. That’s probably asking for too much. 🙂 One thing I will have to keep in mind is that I cannot go out driving around the metro during Wednesdays. I’m loving Great Wall’s Peri so far. Although I first had to adjust from driving the old Nissan to this cutie pie of a car when it came to elevated grounds. I don’t remember having the same issues with Charlie (Nissan). I know I wouldn’t have these issues if it was an automatic. But I have always preferred a shift stick rather than a “matic” anyway. But as the hubby says, I’ll get used to it in no time. I certainly hope so. 🙂

Wednesdays- my no drive days
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