Getting right back to the homeschool track

This is the time of the year where premiums have been paid and the next we have to prepare for are the school expenses. The next homeschool curriculum that our family is going to use for our son is School of Tomorrow’s ready to read program – ABCs with Ace and Christi. Our son will go through this curriculum for approximately 3 months and he will be off to first grade from there.

This year’s homeschool curriculum will be a cheaper than that of the previous one – Preschool with Ace and Christi. The Preschool program used 4 huge manuals, with ABCs we will only be using 2 manuals. We’re grateful that we are able to homeschool. Aside from its benefits, we also get to save a lot from the usual hiked up tuition fees. Just like when you look through life insurance quotes, tuition fee rates in regular schools increase by the year.

The little guy and I are excited to get right back on the homeschool track. Head on over to for updates. 🙂

Getting right back to the homeschool track

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