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Too cute! This is one of my photos of our little guy while we were touring around Zoobic Safari. My post about our adventure will be up soon. I’m still looking through the close to 1,000 photos I took from that excursion. I’m in the process of editing and resizing. If I could share all the photos here, I would. 🙂

It was all in all a fun time for the family and me. Save for the bus ride home which took forever. I’m not sure if the driver was sleepy or what. It was also a tad too hot! Heat exhaustion was very likely if it weren’t for the Zoobic Safari people making sure we were comfortable. They constantly handed us cold towels and cold water, for which we are very grateful. If you have some respiratory issues, make sure you have your inhaler ready. It’s not surprising if we hear news of heat stroke happening everywhere. Aside from the heat, our adventure was really fun! Watch out for our Zoobic Adventure post, coming soon.

Zoobic post coming soon
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