Shrek Forever After at the Eastwood Mall’s 3D Cinema

Last night, I had the opportunity to be one of the first ones around the world to see Shrek Forever After (The Final Chapter) at Eastwood Mall’s 3D Cinema since the Philippines is ahead in the US by 13-14 hours. It was a truly great experience because of two things – the movie and the venue.

Watching Shrek (4) Forever After: The Final Chapter at the Eastwood Mall’s 3D Cinema was a perfect combination for a family night out. Shrek 4 is a funny and family-friendly movie, a finale to a series which started out with Shrek and Fiona being single and commencing with the two having children. This final chapter showed the time when Shrek dealt with mid-life crisis.

The newly added fairy tale character Rumplestiltskin was very interesting and was used to bring out the regrets and what-ifs in Shrek’s life.  The setting of Shrek Forever After which was their family life makes the movie connect to the whole family.  As we watched on Eastwood Mall’s 3D Cinema on their Christie Solaria CP2230 Digital Cinema Projector, the brightest digital cinema projector in the Christie Solaria series, we laughed our hearts out because of the very humorous scenes and rocked backed on forth on their very comfortable rocker chairs.

Three scenes that made me laugh the most were when Donkey was transporting Shrek as a prisoner and was singing different popular eighties songs; Puss’ struggles with his overweight body, uncontrollable appetite and still cute face; and the exchange of dry humor between the two, particularly when Donkey threw the word “CATastrophe” at Puss who threw back the word “riDONKEYlous” – this third made me think of how “SHREKtacular” Shrek Forever After was.

If you haven’t seen this yet, I suggest that you go see it with the whole family or with friends so you can share and multiply the laughter with them.  I also recommend that you watch it in Eastwood Mall’s new 3D Cinema to truly have a unique experience of Shrek (4) Forever After: The Final Chapter.

Shrek Forever After at the Eastwood Mall’s 3D Cinema

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