Beat the summer heat with Max’s Giant Halo Halo

The unforgiving heat has probably been one of the common things we all can relate to, aside, of course, from our various thoughts about the recent elections, at least in this side of the world. Mid May has come and the heat sure hasn’t dwindled a notch. Relief from it is something we all can make use of and Max’s Restaurant has recently come up with the perfect indulgence – Max’s Giant Halo Halo!

I was in for a literal “huge” surprise when I was invited to witness the biggest halo halo a restaurant in the Philippines has ever come up with. The perfect, cool dessert to cap a meal, bonding with family and friends. Now, with the years that I have been blogging in this corner, regular readers might have had noticed that Max’s is one of our family’s to go to places during special occasions. Max’s Giant Halo Halo will be a great addition to our feast line up. 🙂

“Max’s Giant Halo Halo. is a novel idea. We are actually the first to ever launch a halo halo product as big as this in the Philippines. Six to eight people can literally share one bowl of Max’s Giant Halo Halo.,” said Marc San Juan, Max’s Corporate Marketing. The refreshing and generous mix of macapuno balls, sweet beans, red mongo, garbanzoes, banana, kaong, gulaman, nata de coco and langka, shaved ice soaked in milk, topped with ube, leche flan, a generous sprinkle of rice crispies and cheese, plus three huge scoops of ube ice cream make for the perfect summer treat. I have already scheduled a date with my folks to have lunch at Max’s with us tomorrow and I am sure they are going to love this “enormous” treat. It is sold for P375 a pop and it is good for 6 to 8 persons.

Beat the summer heat with Max’s Giant Halo Halo

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