Loving my husband more today than yesterday..

…for lack of a better title. The song just keeps ringing in my head even as I was concluding this post.

The hubby has been crazy busy nowadays taking care of several things. The upcoming 7th anniversary celebration of SBC-Makati and the missions trip they are leaving for in less than a month, among other things. Alas, the forgetful person in him would often unleash himself uninvited. Ack! He’s so much of a process person. And we recently figured out (yes, it has been troubling us so much, wondered too long that we just had to sit down and talk about it), that it is possible that all that he needs to do cannot keep up with his pace on how he process things. Confusing? I think not. It totally makes sense.

Now when things become too overwhelming for him, I am at his back supporting him, reminding him of the things that he needs to get done. But because I am also loaded with tons of responsibilities, I fail to do my job of being his faithful secretary sometimes. Now he’s been busy taking care of the anniversary logistics, visas, tickets and probably airport transfers for the team. In our almost 9 years of marriage, this is actually another milestone for us. Because truth be told, I am not a very patient person. My built is totally different from his. While he is a process person, I am more of an action person. Anyone can just imagine the conflict brewing up whenever that comes up.

I am totally loving the fact that I am actually getting better in this arena. Being able to embrace my husband’s overall person and not just the nice things about him liberates me. I no longer have to struggle as I used to. Talk about loving your spouse more today than yesterday. Warts and all. And although this post may sound that I have a husband who is too much of a burden. Truth is, this is probably the only struggle I ever had about him. Everything else is bright and shiny! And that makes me feel eternally blessed. I must have done something good to deserve such a man. 🙂

Loving my husband more today than yesterday..

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