Are we dealing with toddler sleep regression?

Toddler sleep regression, is it even the right term for it? My son has been sleeping in his own bed since he turned two. But lately since the storm, we co-sleep more often. His bed was soaked in flood water and had to be thrown away. We all went back to the family bed, which was actually “banig” for sometime, because of our circumstance.

We have since were able to replace his thrown bed with an airbed and his bed box with a double bunk bed. Although he still sleeps in his room at night, he would cry out in the middle of the night and get to our bed. The regression is probably caused by the calamity that befell us but last night he successfully slept through the night in his own bed. Don’t get me wrong, I love him in our bed but aside from those flying kicks and karate chops that I get in my deepest sleep, our queen sized bed just won’t fit the three of us comfortably anymore. He’s growing bigger everyday and his tendency to be like a heat seeking missile since he was a tiny infant is still there. It crams me toward the hubby. I sleep in between them and I actually will not be surprised if dear daddy falls off the bed one of these days.

It’s too late to conclude that he’s good in his own bed now.  There are times that he would say that he doesn’t want to sleep in his own room because he might be afraid. It’s like going right back to the time that we had to shift from Baby Bedding to his current ones as we trained him to sleep in his own bed.  We’ll know in the coming days.  But for the record, here’s a confession,  it’s just nice to snuggle with him in bed sometimes and I love him beside me.  I am torn, I know.  I know he has to be trained to sleep in his own room but I also want him beside me.  Okay, this is obviously another issue deserving a post of its own altogether. Should I conclude then that it’s me who’s regressing? Will post a report on this later. 🙂

Are we dealing with toddler sleep regression?

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