Boracay Getaway 2009, Day 2

Although our first day in Boracay was uneventful, we made sure we hit the beach the second day, as soon as the sun was up. πŸ™‚ Me and my boys headed to the beach and spent the whole day in the sun. It was so fun to be enjoying the island during the time we were there. Although it usually rained during late afternoons, the rest of the day was always breezy and the sun was never scorching hot.


A major part of the memorable time of our Boracay vacation is our stay in Taj Guesthouse. A perfect place for a Boracay vacation, to say the least. The room was just right for our family: 2 double beds, hot and cold water, a safety deposit box, cable tv and such pleasant room lighting, very conducive for relaxation. The amenities you will ever need for a Boracay vacation, plus the lovely contemporary design of the room. The one who designed it made sure the area of the room is maximized, making use of the side of the dresser as tv stand. The lights all over the room that are hidden in the well crafted ceiling that delicately subdues the lights. No cheap hotel offers such elegance, for sure.

From now on our goal is to visit Boracay every single year and we plan to do it during off peak season. Boracay has a quite a crowd even during low season. We cannot imagine how more crowded it is going to be during high season. We loved our visit there and we will always remember our stay in that island. πŸ˜€

Boracay Getaway 2009, Day 2
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