Parent Talk 101: Autocratic Parenting – Ineffective Parenting Style (Part 2)

This entry is the next installment to the article I wrote here.

The indicators of Autocratic Parenting as defined by Pastor Clem Guillermo during the Parent Talk 101 seminar :
*Parent run roughshod over their children
*Parents believe they know what is best for all.
*Force their ideas on children.
*Very critical, demanding, threatening.
*Distrustful, manipulative and over-involved.
*Daddy or Mommy knows best.

Given that this seminar was focused on teenage kids, I now tend to agree with what was expressed in this particular subject. But it is entirely a different issue if the children concerned are younger children. Babies and toddlers to be exact. My husband and I have believed from the beginning, children (babies and toddlers) do not know any better. This is why they cannot be given the freedom to just do anything they want, whenever they want. Freedom comes with responsibility.

Autocratic parenting will not work for teenagers. This is why it is extremely important to parent the child properly during their formative years. Unlike with children in the younger years, reasoning with teenagers is already possible. Given that you have a good relationship with your child. A good relationship is always a non-negotiable if we want our message to go across. Like for instance, we cannot do “spanking” as a form of discipline if we do not have a good relationship with our child. This will result to rebellion.

Parent Talk 101: Autocratic Parenting – Ineffective Parenting Style (Part 2)

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